Introducing the Team – Jakub Vidimlic – The Munir Group – Brantford Realtors

Introducing the Team – Jakub Vidimlic

24 years ago, I was born into at Oakville Trafalgar Hospital. My parents (Irfana and Senad) had been living and working in Florida during the majority of my mother’s pregnancy. After deciding to come home to the Great White North, we moved to Mississauga where I lived and attended elementary school for a number of years. Within that time frame, my parents decided to bring in another Vidimlic and had my brother Haris on May 19, 1999. As a child, I loved to bounce around hobbies. I learned how to play guitar, drums, karate, draw, and write stories. My mother specifically introduced me to reading, which still to this day, is one of my favourite hobbies. When I got to the age of 10, my parents had decided to move back to Brantford, Ontario, so my mother could be closer to her family. As a child, my parents loved to move around a lot, so I had to adapt to new situations constantly. I left my friends and life back in Mississauga and welcomed a new one in Brantford.

I attended Brantford Collegiate Institute for my high school years and found a plethora of life long friends. As I was nearing the end of my 4 years, I was very unsure of where I wanted to take my self in the future. I took a 5th year and tried to decide what I wanted to do. By the end, I had decided to attend the University of Guelph. I was accepted into the Criminal Justice and Public Policy Program, and chose to major with a degree in Political Science. I worked and lived in Guelph for 4 years, now having only 4 more courses to finish before I graduate. In between, I had recently became aware of the Real Estate as a Career course that was being offered by OREA. I decided to take the leap and start my studies in becoming a Real Estate Agent while also studying in Guelph. Once getting to my third course, I was keen on finding a job as an administrative assistant prior to my real estate registration, in an attempt to further my knowledge on the profession. One day I saw a fellow high school peer post a job offering for Century 21- The Munir Group for an administrative assistant. That fellow high school had been non other than our very own Laurel Wilkinson. I messaged Laurel telling her I was interested, and the rest is history!

I officially started working at the Munir Group in November, and I have been learning and getting first hand experience in the world of Real Estate. I am hoping to be registered as an agent by November, and having my diploma from the University of Guelph by December. If all goes as planned, this year will be the culmination of my hard work over the past 3-4 years. I would like to thank Manny and everyone else at the team for welcoming me with open arms. This is a great group of people and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!