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With the real estate value being so much better in Brantford, an often untapped resource for selling homes is marketing to out of town buyers.

A home owner that’s willing to commute to their job can save a mint on their home. For instance, you can make a much higher salary in the GTA but that comes at a price, the cost of living there is very high as well. For the cost of gas and a couple of hours of commute each day you can have your cake and eat it too. Who wouldn’t want more bang for their buck right?

The average home price in Brantford in 2016 is $378,027 compared to the average home price in GTA in 2016 that is $672,358 according to CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association). That means that the average home there is almost double the price than it is here, woah!!! That is just crazy!!! Factor in the interest saved on the mortgage and commuting is well worth your while.

So by now you are asking, so what? What does that mean for me? Well Sir, that means that out of town buyers have lower expectations relative to the market in their home town and are more willing to pay that extra little bit to get what they want. That’s exciting news. It is also a good reason that the house prices have gone up over the past couple of years. Our secret is out.

So what does the Munir Group do to take advantage of this opportunity? We often do what is called “interboard listing” wherein we don’t just list your home on the Brantford real estate board, we also list it on all of the boards within a 1 hour drive radius to maximize your listings exposure and ensure that the out of town real estate agents and buyers have access to your listing. If your listing is in Brantford we will list in Brantford, Simcoe, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton-Wentworth, Turkey Point, Cambridge, London, Waterford, Guelph, etc., etc.

Also, being in the business for over 13 years means that Manny has accrued quite the network of out of town agents, buyers and investors and he knows just who to call to get that listing sold, like yesterday.