Choosing a Brantford Real Estate Agent

Now that you’ve made the decision that now is the right time to buy a home, you will want to work with an experienced real estate agent. In recent years there has been an increase in homeowners debating whether they should even use a real estate agent to buy a home.  There are a number of for-sale-by-owner websites that work to help ready buyers research locations and find properties for sale.

These websites make it seem as if it’s easy to buy or sell a home without professional help.  Believing this could be a huge mistake, as there are a lot of moving parts involved in purchasing a home and even if you have located a home you want to buy on the Internet, getting the purchase completed is a whole other ballgame.  Having a professional real estate agent on your team is essential as they can best advocate on your behalf and help you through every step of buying a home in Brantford.  Important aspects such as screening properties, negotiating prices and keeping track of the many transactional details are best done by or with the help of a professional.

The Dangers of Not Having a Real Estate Agent On Your Team

  • A real estate agent has access to a Broker’s version of MLS listings and receives instant property updates with greater information and details. This means you could be late to the game ans end up missing out.
  • The home seller’s agent will be fighting to get every last dollar for their client – at your expense – meaning it is easy to end up overpaying for a home.
  • Navigating a multiple offer scenario is difficult and often ends up in inexperienced home buyers missing out on their dream properties due to improper market valuations.
  • There could be serious issues or damage with a home that only a professional will be able to see – but once the deal is closed – these become the buyers responsibility.
  • There are complex clauses that can be involved in an Offer to Purchase that has been drafted by the seller’s agent, meaning you may be put at a disadvantage regarding conditions and payment arrangements.
  • Finances used for a down payment can remain tied up for months if a deal collapses – or worse, disappear completely in cases of fraudulent sellers.
  • Problems often arise even after a deal is completed and without an agent on your side, you’re on your own.

Buying a home is a big deal – both financially and emotionally – so why add extra complications to an already complex situation?  Mistakes made in buying real estate can quickly become very expensive and can make a real estate agent’s fees seem negligible.  The Munir Group has helped hundreds of homebuyers complete purchases without complications thanks to our industry experience.  Our team goes the extra mile for all our clients and we don’t get paid until you are happy in your new home.  To make the proposition even better, the home seller compensates the buyer’s representative, meaning using a professional Brantford realtor doesn’t cost you a dime.

Things to keep in mind when choosing your Brantford realtor:

  • Choose locally – always choose a realtor that specializes in the area you want to purchase in.  This ensures an up-to-date knowledge of the local market – pricing, opportunities, pitfalls etc.
  • Choose a Brantford realtor with a  proven track record of success.  Ask any prospective real estate agent for their statistics and client testimonials in order to prove they are up to the task.
  • Choose a real estate agent that has experience in your price range.  There is no use in using the services of an agent that specializes in upscale condos to buy a lower priced home. They won’t be in their natural element and may not spend the energy and time that you require or expect.
  • Create a short list of available agents in your area and speak to each one personally.  It is important that you can relate favourably to your agent and that they meet all your requirements.  Did the agent seem honest, realistic, trustworthy, committed, motivated and of course knowledgeable.
  • The complex home buying process demands more than one person can provide, so choosing an agent that has a dedicated team behind them is a must. This also means that someone will always be available to speak to you.
  • Always choose an agent who is on the same page as you and can offer explanations so that you fully understand every detail.
  • Choose a real estate agent that is available when you are.  There is no sense in hiring an agent that only works weekdays if you are only available on weekends.
  • Choose an agent that can provide ALL real estate requirements including home inspections and can recommend a reputable real estate lawyer or mortgage broker.
  • Your real estate agent must also know how to market and advertise your home properly.  This means knowing what works in the Brantford market and having the connections necessary to put you or your home in front of ready home buyers or sellers.

You can meet our group of expert Brantford real estate agents here!