Listing A Property

Now that you have decided the time is right to put your home on the market, our work really begins.  You can rely on our team to:

  • Determine the correct listing price for your property.
  • Meet your preferred timelines by quickly placing your home on the market.
  • Complete all paperwork on your behalf as well as organize all other details such as sourcing floor plans and taking professional pictures.
  • Always negotiate on your behalf so you receive the best possible sale price for your home.
  • Discuss and advise you on sales options, seller obligations and your legal rights as a seller.
  • Constantly monitor market conditions in case adjustments are required.
  • Keep you updated and provide feedback as the sales process moves along.

Seasonal changes can have an effect on the value and marketability of your home.  While real estate is bought and sold at all times of the year, the high volume periods are typically in spring and autumn.  That’s not to say that homes aren’t listed and sold during the summer or the winter, just that the volume will be less.  In some circumstances this can be a good thing as your home will have greater exposure to buyers when there are less homes on the market.  The Munir Group knows the ins-and-outs of local market fluctuations and we will assist you through every step of the way.

In order to successfully list your home for sale on the market there are several things that need to happen.

Most important are these legal documents:

  • The Listing Agreement – This is a contract between the seller (you) and the brokerage (The Munir Group) that clearly states the rights and obligations both parties must adhere to, the length of the contract and the specified commission rate (brokerage).  This agreement will also spell out the listing price at which your home will be placed on the market.
  • MLS Data Form (Multiple Listings Service) – This form describes your property in terms of lot size, home size, building materials used in construction, room sizes, floor space, climate controls and more.  Also specified is what is included in the sale, and what is not.  This can include fixtures, flooring, appliances and more.  The MLS Data Form also informs buyers and realtors about property taxes, liens, easements, rights of way or other charges against the property.
  • Miscellaneous forms that detail items such as open house or showing preferences, offer dates and more.  These documents are drawn up between you and our group and are biding for both parties.

We provide our clients with copies of all signed documents after we’ve gone over them and ensured we are all on the same page.

The following is a list of other items our team will need from you to initiate the sales process:

  • Fintrac Documents – Personal information such as DOB and a government issued ID in order to meet the requirements of federal listings.
  • Mortgage Verification documents.
  • Property Tax receipts – The annual property tax assessment must be verified through your receipts.
  • Survey plan outlining details such as lot size, building locations, neighbour encroachments etc.  Most homeowners received a survey plan when they bought the home.

Each and every home we sell receives our professional marketing treatment in order to provide maximum exposure for your property.

To market your home, we will:

  • Locate your home on the front page of our listings website.
  • Create a detailed MLS listing including pictures and details of your home.
  • Create accurate and professional floor plans for buyers.
  • Professionally photograph your home to showcase it in the best light possible.
  • Create and distribute full-colour sales sheets to all prospects.
  • Adding a noticeable For Sale sign on your property.
  • Market your home through our pages on social media networks.
  • Advertise your home through snail mail listing cards.
  • Additional advertising in local print magazines and newspapers.
  • Word of mouth marketing at open houses and other organized real estate functions.

Depending on the requirements of your home, some extras may be recommended to help sell your home in a timely manner:

  • Home cleaning
  • Painting
  • Home staging
  • Pre-sale Home Inspection

These extras as well as advertising options will be discussed during our consultation.

You will be provided with progress updates about what we have done to help sell your home and any feedback or interest we gather as we show your home.

As your house is listed for sale, we recommend that your home be in “ready to show” condition at all times.  This means clean and organized because you never know when the person who will buy your home will want to see it.

We recommend the following:

  • Keep the contents of your home neat, organized and out of the way.
  • Keep lights turned on at all times and the drapes or blinds open.
  • Clean windows, mirrors, appliances, sinks etc. regularly to keep them shining and spotless.
  • Straighten living areas – couch cushions, towel racks, electronic remotes etc.
  • Air out your home – especially if you’re a smoker or pet owner.
  • Plan to remove pets form the home during viewings – pets can cause dirt, odours and some people are allergic or not comfortable around animals.
  • Many home buyers prefer the homeowner not to be present during a showing.  They want to be able to be open about how they feel about your home and ask any questions they want.  Being home during this time may make them feel uncomfortable and rushed.

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