how to appeal to home buyers in brantford real estate

We know that choosing to list your home is a big deal, it’s life altering, it’s stressful, we get that. We also know that getting the property sold quickly relieves a ton of that stress. Helping you do that is our main priority.

As I discussed previously, I would say that the number one factor to standing out and getting a quick sale is pricing the property right. I strongly advise that you consider the price that your realtor suggests to list for when you’re deciding on a listing price, especially if you’re going to be listing in a buyer’s market, a detail that your realtor would be taking into consideration when determining the current fair market value. Check out my blog entry called “The Price is Right.”

The second factor to appealing to buyers is staging and home improvement. Most people have a hard time envisioning what a space COULD be beyond what it already is. Making your home as aesthetically pleasing as possible will go a long, long way. Not everyone has the budget to put $10,000 into staging their home and I’m not suggesting you should do that. Here are some low, medium and high budget ideas to make your home more desirable and get more bang for your buck in the process.

Low budget:

  • Paint in warm neutral colours
  • Deep clean your home; this means carpets, walls, baseboards, every nook and cranny
  • Re-caulk your sinks and tubs
  • Update the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Clean up your landscaping
  • Repaint or replace floor boards or door frames

Medium budget:

  • Update the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Update the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Reface cabinets
  • Replace all the interior doors and knobs
  • Repaint or replace the front door
  • Replace the toilet

High budget

  • Replace cabinets and counted tops in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Replace cabinets and counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Repair or replace any high ticket items that need it such as an old roof, old a/c or furnace
  • Replace the flooring
  • Replace windows

Factor number 3 is decluttering your house. A potential buyer can’t see past all of your personal effects to envision themselves living there. Less is definitely more. Renting a small storage locker is well worth the investment. Minimize the amount of toys, furniture and pictures on the wall to portray an image of cleanliness. Remove any extra furniture so that the rooms appear larger and more appealing.

Selling your home will never be a piece of cake but do your best to consider these 3 factors and it will at least be steak and potatoes.