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Benefits to Selling a House in the Fall

While the temperatures maybe cooling off, the fall real estate market is usually a hot one. The kids have gone back to school, you’re feeling normalcy resume as routines are back in order, and the buzz of the holiday season has yet to start. Listing your home in the fall is a smart strategy and here’s why:

1. Serious Buyers

Once the slew of spring market buyers has tapered off, you’re typically left with buyers who have extended their search because they haven’t find quite what they’re looking for. Once September rolls in the pressure is on for buyers to purchase and move before the holidays and the winter weather.

So what does this mean for you? Autumn curb appeal. No matter what time of year you intend to list, creating curb appeal is essential for leaving a positive first impression. Make sure the front yard is cleaned up of leaves, fix the porch if necessary and take advantage of the colours and textures of fall. Change out fall greenery and florals in your planter pots and add some pumpkins and there you have it!

2. Less Competition

Fewer properties on the market= less competition for you. With less options for buyers, this is the opportunity to make your home really stand out.

3. Search in Your PJs

Ahhhh the conveniences of modern technology. Fortunately because most homes for sale can be found online, even if the weather starts to make a turn your buyers can still find your listing! Plus, even if snow falls a little early you can still have photos of your home taken during late summer or early fall when the exterior of your home is looking prime.

4. New Buyers

When you list in the fall rather than the bustling spring market, you’re also likely tapping into a different buyer pool. Families usually purchase during the spring and summer, but first time home buyers and empty-nesters tend to hold off until the market cools off. Employers who need to relocate their workers also tend to start looking in the fall to avoid higher “on season” real estate rates. Anyone who is moving from out of town are also likely to need to move fairly quickly which will mean a speedly closing for you.

5. Enjoy the Summer

We all know Canadian summer is far too short. So instead of spending your whole summer moving, post pone the list and enjoy the warmth and sun of the summer months!

If you feel like you missed out on your window to sell back during the spring market, now’s your chance to swoop in and really let your home stand out with with less competition. Thinking of listing? Have questions about out Brantford real estate listings? Give us a call (519) 865-7395