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Brantford’s Iconic Ice Cream Shop: Dairee Delite

You haven’t seen loyalty until you’ve seen a lineup of 30 plus people outside of an ice cream parlour in the middle of a snowstorm. Honestly this is not an unusual site in Brantford in March and April. Rain, shine, snow, hail, blistering heat, really no matter the weather one thing you can always count on in Brantford is a *big* line outside of Dairee Delite from the time they open for the spring season to the time they close just as fall is rolling in. It’s also how we gauge the time of year. If DD has just opened there’s a good chance it’s spring. If it’s about to close we know the cooler weather of fall is on it’s way. We don’t even bother using our calendars anymore because who needs that when you can get that information from one of your favourite local ice cream suppliers? (lol)

DD is iconic and not just in Brantford. You can find Dairee Delite making lists for top ice cream parlors in Ontario. And seriously, it’s that good. For over 60 years, the 50s style ice cream shop has been serving Brantford all kinds of goodies from classic dipped cones to sundaes, delites, flurries, milkshakes, the list goes on. If it’s your first time at Dairee Delite you really gotta go big. Opt for one of their delites. The Peanut Butter Delite is an all-time favourite for us but you really can’t go wrong with any of them! And now they even offer vegan soft serve including pineapple dole whip and vanilla!

What we love even more about Dairee Delite is that its got some history. It was first opened in 1953 with the name Koster’s Cream-EEE-Freeze and was located on Brant Ave. at Bedford St. until 1965. Then in 1965, it underwent a change of location and was moved to the parking lot of the Brantford mall and retitled Dairee Delite. As the story goes, the ice cream stand was offered as part of a poker game where it changed hands not once, but twice. On its second change of hands the winner rehomed Dairee Delite by moving it from the mall parking lot to the Home Hardware plaza which is where it stands today. Interesting, eh?!

In the summer months, you’ll often find two lineups from the stand reaching all the way to the edge of the parking lot. Brantford loves Dairee Delite and once you try you will know why. Just be mindful that this beloved hotspot is only open for the spring/summer season, typically opening their doors mid-March and closing them for the fall in late September, so don’t miss your opportunity!

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