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brantford top 20 percent

Did You Know? Brantford Ranks In Top 20% Of Best Communities To Live In Canada

Wow! Did you hear about this? According to the annual Maclean’s Magazine’s ranking of top communities to live in Canada, Brantford has landed itself in the top 20% after rising 128 positions compared to the city’s ranking in 2018. The ranking is based on data gathered on 415 towns and cities across the country compared in the categories of: wealth and economy, affordability, population growth, taxes, commute, crime, weather, access to health care, amenities and culture.

 Brantford CMA was ranked as having the best labour market in Canada for Q2 2019 following a 17% employment growth and unemployment rate of 4.5% comparative to Ontario’s and Canada’s employment rate of 5.7%.

Brantford has also been named one of the top 3 cities to buy real estate in Canada for the fourth consecutive year. Expanding municipal boundaries, new high-rise residential developments and improvements to the downtown are just some of the factors lending to increased interest in real estate opportunities in the city. 

Not to mention, the presence of four post secondary instuitions, which is expected to result in a strong increase in the diversification of the local economy and higher average incomes, has contributed to Brantford being an ideal places for families and businesses to grow.

Way to go, Brantford!

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