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In the world of selling houses there is a general consensus of what is appealing it varies from person to person but some of the issues are generally universal. So when you are preparing to list your house it is important to be aware of any typical buyer deterrents so you can either fix them if you can or accept them and the fact that it might affect your bottom line if you can’t.

Some examples of fixable deterrents are:


Some people are animal lovers and that’s ok, but when you’re trying to sell a house the lingering musk of pets doesn’t do you any favours. Use anything that you’re comfortable with using to try to minimize the odour, febreeze, air fresheners, oil diffusers and the like. It can go a long way when you’re trying to appeal to buyers.


Again, I’m not discriminating against people who smoke but a potential buyer will certainly turn down a house that’s been smoked in, especially if they have young children. Cigarette smoke absorbs into almost everything from soft fabrics to the paint of the walls. If you’ve been consistently smoking in the house a deep clean of everything is in order from the carpets to the furniture and drapes. You may not be able to completely remove the odour but the suggestions above may be able to cover any residual smells. Please as soon as you decide that you’re listing, stop smoking inside the house if you want a smooth and quick sale.


Bright lime green bedrooms and turquoise shag carpet will turn off buyers more than you may think. Try to redecorate and a timeless neutral style as much as time and budget will allow or prepare to take a hit on the price in order to move the property.

Some examples of non fixable deterrents are:


A busy street is a common undesirable trait for a lot of potential buyers, it’s seen as noisy and unsafe for children. This will decrease the amount of interested buyers therefore a reduced sale price may be a result. On the other hand commuters or more mature families might appreciate the easy access to transportation and amenities. Just be prepared for this to be mentioned in your realtor’s feedback.


Because of developers trying to maximize their land turnover a lot of great properties in good neighbourhoods have the unfortunate feature of very small back yards. This will deter most families with small children but may be ideal for senior or disabled buyers that don’t want a lot of lawn maintenance.


There’s nothing like that one abandoned, dilapidated house on the street to bring down the value of the whole neighbourhood. This is a fact of life, just like taxes. We don’t like it but there’s nothing we can do about it.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg but I’m trying to keep your attention and I know that I may have lost you a couple of paragraphs back so we’re going to end it there. For a full disclosure list of buyer deterrents ask your realtor, they are well informed by their clients of what they like.