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Suffering with the Winter Blues? Here’s How to Decorate for a Happier Winter

Well, I think it’s official- winter is here. The snow has fallen, holiday music is playing, and Daylight Saving Time has ended which means winter is upon us. The days are shorter which can have us all feeling a little bummed out, especially when the cheer of the holidays has passed. Fortunately, there’s some home decorating tips that you can implement to combat the winter blues (spoiler: it’s about getting lit!).

Consider the Lighting

One of the biggest reasons Canadians suffer from winter sadness is due to lack of sunlight. Sure we can’t do much about shorter days but we can increase our exposure to light by mimicking natural light. Add lamps to dark corners of the room, focusing light on the perimeter of the room rather than in the centre which can make the room feel smaller and darker. Also, swap dim bulbs to brighter, warm coloured bulbs to make the room feel cosier.

While it’s not realistic to add another window to your home, you can adjust your drapes and window coverings. Switching to semi sheer window treatments is a great compromise to enhance natural light while also allowing for privacy.

Using Colour to Create A Bright, Warm Space

A great way to introduce more light into a space is by lightning up the wall colour. White and other light colours reflect  more light than darker colours and tones, creating the illusion of a more well lit space. Introduce accent pieces (i.e., rugs, pillows, art) in welcoming colours such as oranges, reds, and earthy tones to make the space feel warm and inviting.

Green Green Everywhere

Knee deep snow really limits our ability to enjoy the outdoors and reap the benefits of nature and fresh air. So, it’s time to bring some outside in! Add some greenery to liven up your space- plants bring life and energy into your home. If you can’t be trusted to keep them alive, go for fake!

Declutter to Destress

A cluttered home usually lends to a cluttered mind. Do you ever find that when your house is disorderly you can’t think straight? Create more calm and mindfulness in your home by minimizing your clutter. Extra stuff can make you feel closed in and stressed especially in the winter when we spend more time inside. Simply by reducing the amount of stuff you have or at least organizing so your stuff is tucked away opens up the space and frees your mind.

How about you? How do you feel about winter- love it, hate it? And, what do you do to combat the winter blues? Leave us a comment on Facebook or Instagram!