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Introducing the Team -Amy Henderson

Blog time again, moving along to another invaluable member of our tribe iiiiiiiiit’s Amy!!!!! Amy Lynn Henderson hails all the way from Cambridge, Ontario, where she was born on October 21, 1983 to her proud, loving parents Richard and Joan Wood and older sister Kelly. Amy was a crafty young lady and spent her time playing baseball and learning karate. Later she attended and graduated from St. Benedict Secondary School where she was on SBTV, their weekly news cast and remembers fondly recording and editing the segments. She was also on her high school golf team and rugby team.

In 2006 Amy meandered down to Brantford where she began her family, including dear, sweet and sassy Emma, 8 going on 21, and got the shock of her life 6 months into her second pregnancy when she found out that she was expecting the ever adorable identical twins Evelyn and Jocelyn, 5.

Amy aspires to live a full, happy life with a loving family and an abundance of joy and love. Isn’t that beautiful?! But there’s more! She also strives to have peace and harmony around her. Quote, “I know I must work hard now to get ahead!” She has a little grace period as she has given herself until the age of 65 to achieve this. She says that her parents have been great leaders and she wants to follow in their footsteps and recreate a loving, happy healthy lifestyle that they have set out for her. Quote, “Family comes first for me.”

A little bit more about Amy: Her favourite restaurant is Red Lobster and she loves pasta, her favourite colours are pink and aqua and she loves the fall because of the colours and wearing warm sweaters.

Amy is sweet and friendly with a sunny disposition. She greets all of her clients with a smile and reassures them with her warm and bubbly personality. She brings positivity and kindness to our team and we are very glad to have her.