Introducing the team – Miranda Dennis – The Munir Group – Brantford Realtors

Introducing the Team – Miranda Dennis

Miranda was born and raised in Brantford, Ontario. She grew up with an older brother (Cody, 29) and a younger sister (Amanda, 24). Much later in life, her parents decided to adopt her younger brother (Carmen, 9), who means the absolute world to her. She loves food, country music, and being surrounded by friends and family. Miranda loves to travel and makes it a personal goal to travel at least twice a year. 

Miranda grew up in a very loving home with her mother (Tracey) and her father (Hermann). Her ideas and opinions were always respected and supported. Miranda believes that she has the very best roll models. Her parents were very hard working and dedicated people. Miranda’s mother is a nurse and her father is a teacher.

Miranda attended Fanshawe College, where she completed the Developmental Service Worker program. She worked in the Brantford and Hamilton communities for 7 years, supporting individuals with both developmental and physical disabilities. 

In 2017 Miranda met her boyfriend Zoltan. Their goals, passions and expectations quickly merged together as a team. Miranda and her boyfriend, Zoltan, became very interested in the housing market and decided to purchase their first home through The Munir Group. They worked with Alla Sharma and had a wonderful experience. About two years after that, Miranda and Zoltan decided that they wanted to upgrade their home, so they sold and purchased again with the help of Alla, who has become a respected friend and now coworker. Miranda quickly became interested in real estate and landed a job as an office administrator for The Munir Group.

 Miranda has 2 Australian Shepherd’s, Charlie (3) & Lui (2). She enjoys spending as much time with them as possible as they keep her calm and clear minded through her toughest days. She enjoys going to the gym, shopping, and visiting new restaurants! In her spare time, Miranda likes to relax, read a book or watch a movie. Miranda has always worked crazy hours, and lives by a busy schedule, so any downtime for her is definitely appreciated!

In the next couple of months, Miranda is looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. She especially loves the Fall, making Thanksgiving her favourite holiday. 

Miranda is a very happy, and outgoing person. She love’s meeting new people and learning about new cultures. She is very passionate about the things she loves, however, she can be very stubborn at times when her mind is made up about something. Miranda is organized and a slight perfectionist; she gets this from her mother.

We are thrilled to have Miranda join our team and look forward to seeing her grow with us. We sure love her and know our clients will too!