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Introducing the Team – Sarah Copoc

Little itty bitty Sarah Anne Page MacDonald was born on a cold, frosty January morning to Greg and Annette MacDonald at the BGH. Being an only child for the first 9.5 years of my life meant that my parents had extra time and energy to shuttle me back and forth to my many, many extracurricular activities. I believe I started with “baby ballet” which only lasted a couple of months if I recall, but I was very, very young at the time. Then I began piano lessons which lasted a solid 6 or 7 years. The most impactful sport in my youth was baseball. I started when I was about 6 and played until I was about 12, with a couple of seasons off due to broken arms. I played on the rep team and we travelled a lot. We won 3rd in the province one year. I took swim lessons, competed in karate tournaments, figure skating, and played rep basketball as well. 

 Highschool brought on a hiatus for my athletics as I focused more on my studies. I graduated from high school and didn’t know what I wanted to do next so I took a year off and worked both a full-time job and a part-time job to save up for college. I eventually decided to take the Legal Office Administration program at Mohawk College because I enjoyed law class in high school. But, I also knew that I didn’t want to be a lawyer or anything of the sort. I enjoyed my time at Mohawk and made some great friends, but I didn’t have any time to add extracurriculars to my plate because I was also working 30 hours/ week at Walmart on top of my schooling. When I got my diploma I married my high school friend, Mike Copoc, and we excitedly welcomed our first child Lliam. I began working part-time at a law firm in Burlington working in all fields of law including, Wills and Estates, Criminal, Real Estate and Family Law doing a lot of transcription, writing wills and working on real estate transactions. 

 I eventually found a part-time job in Brantford which made life so much easier, eliminating my commute and most of my time was focused on real estate transactions and wills at this firm. We had a frequent client name Manny Munir, who came in quite often for his various sales and purchases. Me being the chatty Cathy of the office I got to know most of our clients pretty well. One fateful day, 8 years ago this month, Manny approached me at work and asked me if I’d like to work for him part-time just doing odd jobs. By this time my second son Bryce was 1 yr old and I was pregnant with my 3rd son Reese. I graciously accepted his offer and the rest is history. 

 Today I work part-time at the Munir Group as the Client Co-ordinator. I enjoy chatting with our clients, helping them figure out exactly what their wants and needs are and going through searches with them. I also work full-time at home raising our 4 sons Lliam, Bryce, Reese and Toby and keeping our household going. We are very blessed to be foster parents to some absolutely precious babies who we all adore so very much and I also volunteer at our school snack program, on our school council and in the children’s ministry at our church. Yes I am very, very busy but I love every minute of it and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

 So that’s me in a nutshell, I’m very grateful to Manny for the many years of employment, we have a great team and we all work together seamlessly. I can’t wait to see where the Munir Group is headed, onwards and upwards!