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Introducing The Team – Simran Shoker

I was born and raised in a beautiful state of Punjab, India. I finished my high school in India before moving to Canada and earning my first college degree. During that time, I fell in love with this beautiful country and decided to make it my permanent home. I went through several immigration programs to finally convert my status to a Canadian Citizen. I was not born with Canadian citizenship, but I had to earn it the tough way like any other immigrant.  Having said that, I value it very much.  I’ve since completed a couple more college programs and have been splitting my time working in real estate and law for the last 14 years.

I met my husband about eight years ago and, no, we didn’t have an arranged marriage lol – a question I get asked every time someone finds out that my background is Indian (South Asian).  We had our big fat Indian wedding in 2016 and soon after decided to adopt a dog named King. He is the most adorable dog ever. We are dreamers! We wanted a beautiful home, a dog and a couple of kids together. So far, we have managed to accomplish all of it, and we have two little boys together, Arjun and Kabir. I can’t wait for my boys to grow so I can jokingly complain about having too many boys in my home – a husband, two sons and a dog.  We are still missing a little daughter. Hopefully one day we can add a girl to our team.

Ever since my son Arjun started watching TV, I honestly do not have any access to the remote. My all-time favorite show is FRIENDS. I can watch that all day every day. My husband and I love travelling. We had been on a few vacations together before we started having kids. To date, we’ve been to Punta Cana, England, Chicago and India together. Now that my kids are a little bit older and Covid is finally starting to go away, we decided to get our next vacation booked. I am really excited to go to Jamaica with my boys. It is going to be a roller coaster with two little kids, but I have my siblings and friends joining me on this trip so hopefully it will be a little easier.

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