brantford real estate properties

Making a good first impression to a buyer or a buyer agent is very important. You know what they say,” You never get a second chance at a first impression.” And it is so true. When you’re listing your property you want it to be eye catching, standout and say “I look good and I’ve been well taken care of.” Because that’s what the house would say if it could talk.

An excited buyer that is full of ambition and expectation can be easily swayed by the feeling they get when they first set eyes on a potential future home. You can take fate into your own hands just by making a few easy, budget friendly improvements to the exterior of your property.


A well kept and manicured landscape is a cheap and easy way to get ahead in game. Make sure the lawn is weeded and mowed, edges are clean, shrubs are trimmed and the garden is presentable. A little mulch can go a long way. Depending on the season some nice planters with blooming flowers on the porch or on either side of the steps add a great deal of appeal.


Brand new, fancy house numbers and a shiny new mailbox can impress a buyer more than you might think.

Windows, doors and trim

There’s nothing attractive about chipped, peeling paint when you’re walking into a home for the first time. Pay attention to the condition of the front door, garage door, and trim. Some fresh paint can breath new life into your property. Make sure to use toned down neutral colours instead of loud colours which can offset buyers. If your budget allows, purchase a new front door which makes the home look more inviting.


Repair any cracks in the porch and repaint or replace the exterior railing.


Personal effects, kid’s toys and bikes or excessive lawn ornaments, one or two max, do not belong on your lawn. They become to much of a distraction from the main attraction, your home.

These are all fast and easy fixes to bring more curb appeal to your property and more of the green into your pocket.