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Our Christmas Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not only is Christmas a time of celebration and togetherness but it is also a time were tradition reigns. There are countless special Christmas traditions out there so we asked our team to share their favourite Christmas tradition that they look forward to every year.

Manny -“My family’s is we all get together for Christmas breakfast and have pancakes and the kids open their Christmas presents.”

Jen- ”My favourite tradition is having a nice steak dinner on Christmas Eve with my family. (Fun fact, steak was my first ever solid food as a child… my Dad gave me a piece on my first Christmas – I was 8 months old- while my mom wasn’t looking and I apparently loved it, my mom was pretty pissed)!  Then, we all sit around and listen to my dad read “Twas’ The Night Before Christmas” (while my mom mouths the words because she knows it off by heart).”

Laurel – “I do not have a Christmas “tradition” other than the dinner on Christmas day. I look forward to eating large amounts of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and everything else that goes with the holiday. The dessert and left overs are always a plus as well!”

a child getting a gift on christmas

Sarah – “Among many other yearly traditions we have such as gingerbread house making, tree decorating, and watching Christmas movies, my favourite yearly tradition by far is taking my family to the Simcoe lights display every Christmas Eve and admiring all the colourful, fun displays that I’ve been enjoying since I was a child. We take a ride on the horse drawn carriage and last year was extra special because they had 3 alpacas wearing Christmas lights walking around the park. It was magical!”

Nicole – “Just having a lot of family over, listening to Caribbean music and every one eating. I like seeing family from overseas and spending time with people we love.”

Dawn – “My family all gets together early at our home, we put on the Christmas music, open our stockings and make a very big breakfast and eat together…. of course there is always Baileys in our coffee!” 

adult blowing light snow off her mittens

Steve – “Getting together and opening stockings.”

Amy – “One of my favourite memories as a child was decorating the tree with my mom! My Dad would watch us and read the paper. My mom and I would put on the Kenny Rogers.”

Alla – “Kids wake up in the morning, everyone opens their present from under the Christmas tree. We make pictures and videos of present opening. After we go to grandma’s house and open presents there. In the evening we have a Christmas dinner with Turkey. If there is snow we make snow man and play outside.”

Emma- “Christmas eve has always been a magical night where we cuddle up by the Christmas tree, watch “Christmas Vacation” and eat too many cookies. But the real star of the show is Christmas morning brunch! I look forward to it all year. The whole family comes over, we brew all the new coffees we’ve been gifted (family of coffee-lovers), my brothers wear Santa hats, and we feast all afternoon!”

Traditions are special because the bring back memories of the past and give you that warm familiar feeling. What is your favourite Christmas tradition that you can’t do without?

the munir group staff posing for a christmas photo