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Purchasing A Home With A Pool: What To Know

Thinking of purchasing a home with a pool? Before diving in to pool ownership, make sure you consider all the benefits but also the costs associated with a pool. If you haven’t owned a pool before you might not be fully aware of all the upkeep and expense associated with keeping your pool in good working condition. 

A pool is a great way to cool off and also a wonderful source of exercise. Having a backyard with a pool can make you feel like you’re always on vacation. It’s truly a luxury! For the right family, a pool can also be a big selling feature. However, it doesn’t come without its costs and upkeep.

Before you make the commitment to a house with a pool, make sure you know what to expect:


  • Opening & closing the pool every year
  • General upkeep (cleaning supplies, vacuum, skimmer)
  • Operational costs
  • Adjustments to your home insurance
  • Cost of permits
  • Pool accessories
  • Backyard adjustments – fence, landscaping, deck

Additional Considerations

  • Finding a reputable pool company that is available
  • It might take longer than you expect
  • Safety for pets & children

Purchasing a home with a pool could be the best decision you make, but it’s always important to know what it entails before diving in!