pricing your brantford home

If you’ve sold before then you know that it takes a lot of time and energy to make sure that your home is picture perfect for showings.

Our goal is to make your selling experience as worry free and painless as possible and one of the things we do to ensure that that happens is use our knowledge and experience to make sure that we find that “magic number” that will make your sale go as smoothly as possible.

Most buyers either have that magic number in their head or they’ve gone to get a mortgage preapproval and know exactly what their budget is for buying their new home. Basically when the buyers are looking for a property they go online and enter their ideal requirements into the mls search engine and all the properties that meet their requirements will pop up. You want your house to pop up in as many MLS searches as possible.

Generally, the higher the price, the less affordable it will be for more people and it will not even be on their radar. So the goal is to make the most off of your sale without excluding more buyers than you need to.

In real estate we have a saying, “If it hasn’t sold then it’s priced too high.” So how do you make sure that you put the perfect price on your home that’s both not too low but not so high that it sits on the market stagnant?

Well that’s exactly why we have professional real estate agents. Experienced agents have years of knowledge and understanding about the local market trends and have access to data bases and information about comparable property values that the average person does not have.

We are able to do research and find out exactly what the surrounding properties with similar features are selling for now and evaluate your home and factor in any upgrades or needed improvement to come up with that magic number.

Having your property priced correctly ensures that your home will sell quickly with less hassle of multiple showings. Believe it or not it gives you a higher chance of selling above asking price, by attracting more attention and generating excitement about the listing which can often bring in multiple competitive offers.