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Your Guide To Daycare Providers in Brantford


I know there are a lot of mommies and daddies in Brantford on the very tedious search for a reliable, honest and safe daycare provider for their precious little bundles of joy; whether it be while they go to work, to socialize the child(ren) or just to get some “me time” to get things done. With the number of families with both parents in the work force today, you are hard pressed to find an open spot right away.

It’s difficult, it’s stressful and it’s important – that’s why I’m going to be your new best friend and simplify the process for you – YAY!!!(clap hands).

So basically you have 4 options to choose from, none are “better” than the other. Everyone is different and has different needs and perspectives, you just have to make the right decision for you and your child(ren).

  1. Licensed home child care
  2. Licensed child care centre
  3. Before and after school care
  4. unlicensed care

Licensed home child care

Licensed home caregivers are contracted by home child care agencies that are licensed by the Ministry. These caregivers may care for children of all ages.


– homey feel

– government-regulated and inspected homes that meet specific standards

– small group size

– their child care agency will provide them with professional support and monitoring

– a home visitor will routinely inspect the premises to make sure that the caregiver is following provincial rules, as well the agency’s policies and procedures and advise on programs, meal planning and appropriate equipment and toys

Our local child care agency is Wee Watch, find out more about them at

Licensed child care centre

Licensed child care centres can care for children of all ages. They include nursery schools, Montessori, full-day and extended hour care, and before-and-after-school programs.

Child care centres can be found in many convenient locations such as workplaces, community centres, schools and places of worship.


  • regulated and inspected by the provincial government
  • care givers are professionally trained in early childhood education
  • educational programs are designed for children at different stages of development
  • subsidizing may be available

Kindergarten before- and after-school care

When needed, schools may offer before-and-after-school programs. Their play-based programs coincide with their school with a mix of exploration, guided independent activities, quiet times and outside time. School boards may offer before-and-after-school programs directly or through licensed third-party providers that offer programs in a school setting. The majority of these programs are licensed, except for some operated by school boards.

A comprehensive list of all the licensed daycare facilities in Brantford can be found at

Unlicensed care

In Ontario, unlicensed childcare have no formal regulation or inspection by any governing entity. However, the Ministry of Education must investigate any complaints made lodged by any individual.

Child to Adult Ratio

As of August 31, 2015, unlicensed caregivers are not allowed to care for more than 5 children, including their own children under the age of 6, and only 2 can be under 2, regardless of how many adults are present at the home.

Another helpful website you can check out is  which asks you a series of questions about your specific needs, suggests the appropriate child care options and allows you to sign up on their waiting list.

Well there it is, all the information you need laid out for you in one tidy little blog post. Hope it helps, happy hunting!