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When visiting an area, many tourists are usually interested in exploring the various local historic sites during their visit.

Simcoe ON is, without a doubt, an extremely underrated tourist spot in Canada. One of the beautiful things about the area is the willingness to do their best to preserve the area's rich history.

Here we're going to talk about our top choices historic sites in Simcoe ON to visit. Make sure that you keep these spots on your list if you want to enjoy a memorable tour. Now, let's take a look at the historical sites you can explore in Simcoe, Ontario.


Lynnwood/Campbell-Reid House

Have you ever had a chance to visit a Neoclassical style home?

No? Well, the good news is that the Lynnwood/Campbell-Reid House is a perfect example of a Neoclassical style home. And you'd love exploring this site during your visit to Simcoe, Ontario.

This rectangular, red brick, two-story house features a dentil course at the cornice, a hipped roof, and regular openings. On the main entrance, you'd be surprised to see the Ionic Portico Projecting.

In 1972, the Canadian government ranked The Lynnwood/Campbell-Reid House as a national historic site because it displays excellent use of classical motifs. Lynnwood/Campbell-Reid House is a fine example of a modestly sized residence. The house was built for Duncan Campbell, Simcoe's first postmaster.

Simcoe Historic Sites

This beautiful Neoclassical style home displays a judicious and balanced use of craftsmanship. We assure you that you'd fell in love with the interior and exterior design of the house. After visiting, you'll undoubtedly come home with a camera full of incredible pictures.

Norfolk Arts Center

Norfolk Arts Center is a great historic site for art lovers. You can explore the unique art in this art center. This art center is a hidden gem that offers something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're planning on visiting for a specific occasion or event, or just to check it out casually, you'll definitely love it.

For instance, the Soup art bowl and Opening night are the two most popular events that attract many visitors to this art center. This art center doesn't only have the artwork of the past, but you can also explore current artists' artwork. You can even meet those artists if you go to the arts center for an event.

The administration has also introduced training programs for those who are interested in developing art skills. So, if you live in the neighbouring communities, it can be an ideal opportunity for you to grow your skills.

Eva Brook Donly Museum

Eva Brook Donly Museum is a unique example of a Georgian style home that was built in 1845. You can explore a wide range of artifacts in this museum. The main goal of running this museum is to preserve the heritage of Norfolk County so that the tourists may come and learn some important things about its local history. You must take a visit to this historical site if you're researching Simcoe's history.

Every year, the administration organizes several events to entertain the tourists. Usually, the guest speakers explain the historical value of this site on these events. And sometimes, the administration holds genealogy workshops to provide essential information to various researchers.

Port Dover Lighthouse

Port Dover Lighthouse is best known for its historical, environmental, and architectural values. It's a square and sturdy lighthouse at the entrance of Port Dover Harbour made of wood. Port Dover Lighthouse was basically built to compete with the American-built Erie Canal System.

The Norfolk County accepted this lighthouse's ownership in 2014 because it represents some part of their history. Also, the lighthouse was given the status of a Federal Heritage Building in 1990.

Port Dover Lighthouse is one of those incredible wooden towers that were built in the nineteenth century. These designs were quite economical and easy to maintain, so they were commonly used in that era. The exemplary functional design of this lighthouse makes it a fantastic option for tourists. The recreational and commercial vessels still use this lighthouse as a guide to get into the harbour.

The tourists usually crowd port Dover throughout the summer months because it's a vacationer's hot spot. So, if you're conducting research, it's recommended you plan your trip accordingly.

Waterford Heritage Trail

This is a rail line trail that connects with Brantford Rail Trail at Jenkins Road. This 19-kilometre rail trail enables you to explore stunning forests, grasslands, wetlands, and fields. On this trail, you'd also get to see an old rail bridge built in the 19th century.

The trail is open for tourists throughout the year. Tourists enjoy several fun activities on this trail, such as cycling, hiking, and cross-country skiing. So, you'd not only get to learn the history of this trail, but you'd also enjoy some remarkable moments here.

Simcoe is an ideal option for those interested in exploring Canada's local history, especially in Ontario. In this town, you'd find several historical sites that give an overview of how this town went through development phases.

The history lovers often come to explore the Georgian style and Neoclassical-style homes in this town. We have listed all the important historical sites you may love exploring in this town. Hopefully, it will help with making your trip successful.

Simcoe Historic Sites - Conclusion

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We hope you enjoy visiting some of these incredible destinations.

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