Discover The Beauty of Simcoe Ontario

Find a Slower Pace of Life in the Picturesque Town of Simcoe Ontario

Discover the Beauty of Simcoe in Norfolk County, Ontario

Are you interested in Simcoe Real Estate and making this beautiful town in Norfolk County your new home?

With a population of 14,000+, Simcoe is one of the largest communities in Norfolk County, Ontario. This unincorporated community is located in Southwestern Ontario near Lake Erie. It was established by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe in 1795.

Simcoe Occupies a picturesque site on the river, with a waterfowl sanctuary and several parks. This beautiful town offers a sense of safety, community, and a lower cost of living. It’s truly a hidden gem in Norfolk County and it’s an outstanding destination for those whose who are looking for a slower pace in life. Moreover, it's one of the most asked out rural areas from our clients here at The Munir Group

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Community & Culture in Simcoe, ON

Norfolk County Memorial Tower is one of the most notable landmarks of this town dedicated to the warriors of World War One. The tower is 60 meters long and it overlooks Wellington Park where you get to see a waterway system with a small lake. Simcoe’s residents have a quiet and easygoing lifestyle. And they take pride in rural living.

Simcoe attracts people from all walks of life because its buildings feature the international style of architecture. The locals celebrate a number of Festivals every year including Norfolk Musical Arts Festival, The Ice Cream Festival, Simcoe Rotary Friendship Festival, Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show, and Simcoe Christmas Panorama.

Simcoe in Norfolk County is home to several manufacturing companies that produce lumber, textiles, tin cans, gloves, boilers, nylon and woolen fabrics, and several food products.

Climate in Simcoe

Simcoe has a warm and humid continental climate like many other towns and communities of Norfolk County, Ontario. During the summer, the temperature remains between 15 °C to 27 °C.

And every year, the temperature goes above 30 °C for 10 days only. During the winter season, the temperature remains between 0 °C to quite a bit colder especially considering it’s proximity to Lake Erie. And the average annual snowfall in this region is 133 centimeters.

Simcoe is normally 10% drier compared to the big cities of Ottawa, Hamilton, and Toronto because it’s a rural community. The best part is that Simcoe is 25 times less likely to face smog-related problems than the metropolitan cities.

Housing and Real Estate in Simcoe

The prices of property are quite affordable in this region. You can get a modern and newly built home for $370,000 CAD. These kinds of private homes are usually found around Mann Avenue.

If you're looking for a home in Simcoe, ON at a lower price range, you can look for a home west of Norfolk Street where you can get a home for $200,000 CAD. But regardless of what your needs are, the Simcoe Real Estate Experts at The Munir Group can help you.

Simcoe is a small town where you can enjoy the perfect quality of life in rural Ontario. It’s home to many heritage sites, restaurants, hotels, motels, and businesses. Lake Erie is a beautiful spot where you can spend quality time with your family. Similarly, you can go to the beaches for a weekend trip. Life is just awesome in this beautiful town.

Tourism in Simcoe, Ontario

Simcoe is the ideal destination for tourists who like to enjoy a calm and convenient vacation far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You’d hardly experience traffic jams and road rages in this town. Simcoe is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Ontario and it’s just 15 minutes from Lake Erie.

So, it’s the perfect tourist spot for those who like to spend time on the beach during the summer season. Port Dover Summer Festival, Friday the 13th Motorcycle Rally, and Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show are some amazing festivals of this town that attract plenty of tourists every year.

The golf enthusiasts can take a visit to the Norfolk Golf & Country Club to add some amazing moments to their memories.

Life in Simcoe

Simcoe is an incredible town where people look out for each other. The town offers an amazing sense of community and well-being. The rent of a bachelor apartment ranges from $713 CAD to $1500 CAD.

There are plenty of restaurants and craft breweries currently operating in Simcoe. Italian restaurants usually offer higher priced meals in the downtown while the Fast Food Restaurants and Chinese Restaurants offer food at a lower price point.

On a weekend, you can take a visit to one of the many beautiful beaches found in the area. It’s also worth knowing that Niagara Falls is just 1.5 hours away from the town. The best part is that Simcoe is one of the safest places to live in Canada.

Discover The Beauty of Simcoe Ontario

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