Things to do in Simcoe, Ontario - Culture, Theatre, History, and Arts!!

All the things someone who is visiting a tourist destination would look for.

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Well, Simcoe, ON, not only offers these but so many more.

Simcoe is also an excellent destination for the adventurous type of person. One who likes to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and fishing and hunting. All of these activities can be enjoyed in Simcoe, Ontario.

Moreover, you can even find ziplines and several other adventurous activities throughout Simcoe and Norfolk County. There are also several Simcoe Historic Sites you can visit.

Here at The Munir Group Simcoe Real Estate Team, we're always travelling throughout the area and discovering new things to do in the area.

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Lynnwood National Historic Site

Lynnwood Arts Center is an integral part of Norfolk County's Culture and Heritage Division because it's a perfect example of a Neoclassical house. This property initially belonged to Duncan Campbell, who engaged Toronto architect Frederick W. Cumberland to create a refined residence in the Neoclassical style.

Later on, this property was named the Lynnwood park because it consisted of four hectares of landscaped grounds. The property was donated to the town of Simcoe in 1902 by Duncan's son, J. Lorne Campbell.

The local government gave it the status of a National Historic Site of Canada in 1972. We recommend visiting this site because its architectural features are outstanding. Also, this center was used as a hub for exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops. So, it's an ideal place an artist would love visiting during their trip to Simcoe, Ontario.


Moreover, you'd love exploring the music collection that consists of 800+ music performances. We assure you that you'd be surprised to explore the exceptional quality architectural elements of this site.

Waterford Heritage Trail

This 36-kilometre long trail offers incredible views throughout the way. You can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and Bird watching. You can also enjoy cross country skiing in this forest. It's one of the best tourist spots for nature trips. There are several parking spots alongside the backroads. So, you can go for a walk whenever you want.

The experience of walking between the beautiful wildflowers is fantastic. And we'd strongly recommend doing this when you're on this trail.

Lynn Valley Trails

You can explore this 19.2-kilometre long trail when you're in Simcoe. No matter what time of the year you're visiting, this trail is accessible throughout the year, and it offers a range of activity options. The good news is that you can bring your Dogs to this trail so they may also have some fun with you.

The trails are usually crowded by bikers on weekends. So, we'd suggest visiting this place on weekdays if you're going there with your kids. Also, we also recommend taking your own bikes out on the trail.

Ensure that you go to the trail near dusk because there are lots of wildlife along the trail. The trail offers scenic views at every step of the way. So, it would help if you were prepared to capture those moments into your camera or smartphone. Don't forget to bring plenty of water with you because you'd hardly find drinking water between Simcoe and Port Dover.

Apple Hill Lavender Farm

Apple Hill Lavender Farm is an incredible tourist attraction that gives you the freedom to enjoy some time away from the busy life. The owners are quite generous, and they give you a warm welcome with a smile on their faces when you go there for a visit.

The owners encourage everyone to touch and smell everything they want so that the visitors may enjoy a great experience.

The Farm is a bit away from the town, but it's absolutely worth visiting if you're in the town. You can even buy several lavender products here such as lavender sprays, soaps, oils, ice cream, and even honey.

The families often plan a picnic to enjoy the charm of this wonderful place on weekends. You should also take some time to explore these bright purple and fragrant fields during your visit to Simcoe, Ontario.

Port Dover Lighthouse

Port Dover Lighthouse is one of the greatest tourist spots in the Simcoe area because it's a manifestation of historical and architectural values. The existing lighthouse was built around 1850 when the first lighthouse was destroyed by fire.

This lighthouse is a perfect example of a wooden square tapered design. This design was frequently used for river routes and harbours. These kinds of designs can easily withstand heavy winds. That's why Port Dover Lighthouse hasn't lost its strength and durability even after years.

This lighthouse is a recognized symbol of the Port Dover community, and it has an extremely high landmark value for this community. Every year, a considerable number of tourists come to visit this lighthouse during summer vacations. You should also keep it on your list if you're travelling to Simcoe, Ontario.

Hay Creek Conservation

You can visit the Hay Creek Conservation the same day you go to the Port Dover Lighthouse because this trail is just 5 kilometres away from the lighthouse. Here you can explore different species of plants while enjoying bird watching. You can even enjoy fishing and some other outdoor activities in this area. It's an ideal spot for hikers who like to visit adventurous spots.

Only a few reservoirs are left in Norfolk County, and the Hay Creek reservoir is one of them. So, you should definitely go and explore this great reservoir.

Simcoe Things To Do - Conclusion

Simcoe, Ontario, is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Canada. If you're going from outside of Ontario, but plan on visiting, you must keep it on your list.

But these are just some of our top choices here at The Munir Group in Simcoe; there are so many more great spots to visit within Simcoe and throughout the rest of Norfolk County.

If you still need some information about Simcoe, Ontario, you can get in touch with us.

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