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Brant County, ON is a single-tier rural municipality in Southwestern Ontario. Having service offices in Paris, Onondaga, Oakland, Burford, and St. George, the county is serving a population of 37000+ people.

Although it’s known as the County of Brant, it doesn’t hold the status of a county anymore because a single level of government is managing all municipal services.

A Brief History of Brant County, ON

This area of land was given as a land treaty to Joseph Brant and the Mohawk people of New York in 1784 because they served with the British during the American Revolution. So, it was a replacement for what they had lost in New York.

Brant County was officially formed in 1851 while it was a part of Wentworth and Oxford County previously. The county earned the status of a single-tier municipality in 1999.

(Also, Brant County Ontario is just on the outskirts surrounding the city of Brantford. This means Brant County promises rural living with city amenities just 10 minutes away.)
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You’d be surprised to know that Brant County is the birthplace of your Smartphone’s ancestors because Alexander Graham Bell was living in his father’s homestead when he invented the telephone. The building is now known as the Bell Homestead National Historic Site. Are you going to be in Brant County some time soon? Be sure to check out our Brant County Things To Do page and our Brant County Historic Sites page


Paris, Burford, St. George, and Brantford are the important parts of the County of Brant. There are around 27 other communities in this municipality including Bishopsgate, Oakland, Onondaga, Harrisburg, Harley, and Scotland.


The Overall weather condition of this community is better than many other parts of Canada. During the winter, the temperature can get quite a bit below o°. And in the summer, the temperature remains between 22° to 27°. So, it can be an ideal option for those who are willing to invest in the Canadian Real Estate.

Culture, Heritage, and Arts Brant County is ‘Rich In Culture’ and it has a vibrant and active Arts Community. Robert Hall Originals Studio & Gallery, Jeanette Obbink Fine Art, Over the Cliff Gallery, and Edgar Farm Studio & Gallery are some of the best art galleries you can explore in this county.

Moreover, the local organizations hold special art events like Brant Studio Tour, Christmas in Paris, and 12 Days of Christmas to showcase the artwork of local artists. The Brant County is also known for inspiring landscape and architecture of Victorian, Gothic, Cobblestone, and Edwardian eras.

You can explore some incredible heritage points in this county including stone bridges, historic barns, mills, cobblestone buildings, rain and fueling stations.

Local Sports

Brant County is a hockey hotbed having 3 junior hockey franchises. Every year, international hockey teams visit this county for training purposes. The county also organizes special sporting events to attract sports lovers. Paris Minor Hockey, Burford Minor Hockey, and St. George Minor Hockey are some popular hockey leagues organized in this county.

Brant County doesn’t only revolve around Hockey but several other sporting events are organized in this county throughout the year including Skating tournaments, Baseball, and Soccer Tournaments. The local authorities also organize the volleyball tournaments at a small scale.

Tourism in Brant County

Brant County is one of the most attractive spots for nature and adventure lovers. The Grand River is the most important part of the county where you can find more than 80 species of fish. So, it’s an ideal place for paddling and fishing.

There are plenty of hiking & cycling trails for adventure lovers. It consists of several hiking trails including Cambridge-to-Paris Rail Trail, Newport Bridge to Tutela Heights, Grand Valley Trail, and Paris to Glen Morris Trail. Cycling lovers can choose Paris to Scotland Tour, Paris Environs Tour, Pleasant Ridge Tour, and Brantford to Dundurn Tour.

Similarly, there are many camping spots where you can go for some fun and entertainment in Brant County.

Entertainment Spots for Families

There are many parks and local facilities where families can go for some fun and entertainment. The local government has provided all the basic amenities and services in these entertainment spots. Brant Sports Complex, Green Lane Park, Syl Apps Community Center, and Ball Diamonds are some popular spots you can rent for fun and entertainment.

Real Estate Opportunities in Brant County, ON

Brant County is an ideal option for those looking for rural living, but with city amenities within a couple of minutes. It's also an excellent opportunity for companies that are willing to establish manufacturing plants in Ontario because the prices of land are quite affordable in this region. Similarly, it’s considered to be an amazing option for those who want to build their real estate investment portfolio. The local government is offering special tax benefits for those who’re investing money in real estate.

Furthermore, the local government provides essential support to investors who want to establish or grow their business in the County of Brant. Regardless of what you're looking for, The Munir Group can assist you with all your Brant County Real Estate needs.

Something for Everyone...

Brant County is a cultural heritage with lots of fun and entertainment. No matter whether you’re a musician, an artist, an athlete, or an adventure lover, the County of Brant, Ontario has something for everyone’s taste.

Discover The Beauty of Brant County Ontario

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