Are you looking for Brant County Things To Do?

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Brant County, Ontario?

Maybe it's Bell Homestead, perhaps the Historic Grand River.

But there are so many things to do in Brant County. Some are apparent things like those I just mentioned; others are more off the beaten path.

Brant County is home to charming small towns and scenic drivers. It's not just an exciting destination for history lovers (Be sure to check out our page on Brant County Historic Sites) but also, nature lovers and adventurists can find and enjoy lots of exciting activities and things to do here.

Here at The Munir Group Brant County Real Estate Office, we've compiled a collection of our top choices for things to do in Brant County, Ontario.


Heritage Driving Tour

The Heritage Driving Tour is one of the best ways to experience Brant County and its history. You'll get the opportunity to explore plenty of historic sites during this tour. These sites do not only represent the local history, but they also have some significance to Canadian history.

Bell Homestead National Historic Site

How can we forget Bell Homestead while talking about the historic sites in Brant County? This is the place where Alexander Graham Bell invented the electronic telephone. So, it's time to take your smartphone to its ancestors' birthplace and capture some fantastic photos of this site.

Paris Brant County Ontario at Dusk Image

Cobblestone Houses of Paris

Brant County is one of the best places to see some of the most incredible cobblestone buildings in Ontario. You'll not only find homes and churches, but you'll find some beautiful cobblestone garden walls within this county - Thanks to Levi Boughton, the famous New York Architect who brought this artful masonry work here. Taking a tour of these Cobblestone Houses is one of the best things to do in Brant County, Ontario.

Malcolm's Mills in Oakland

Do you know Malcolm's Mills was the battleground of War of 1812? This is the place where Canadians stood against a foreign invading power for the last time. It's a perfect example of courage and bravery. If you have the opportunity, be sure to visit this site when you're in Oakland.

Malcolm's Mills in Oakland

Do you know Malcolm's Mills was the battleground of War of 1812? This is the place where Canadians stood against a foreign invading power for the last time. It's a perfect example of courage and bravery. If you have the opportunity, be sure to visit this site when you're in Oakland.

Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead

Adelaide Hunter was the founder of the Women's Institute, an international women's organization. Her childhood home is used as a national historic site in Brant County. You can get a glimpse into her life and her legacy by visiting this 19th-century farmhouse during your Brant County visit.

Experience Hiking Trails in Brant County

As we've mentioned above, Brant County isn't just an ideal tourist destination for history lovers, but nature lovers also enjoy the scenic beauty. Let's take a look at the hiking trails you can explore in Brant County.

Hike Mount Pleasant Nature Park

Mount Pleasant Nature Park is the hidden gem in Brant County. This 23-acre park contains three short trails, including Racey Ridge Loop, Haight Mill Loop, and the Thompson Trail. You can explore a plethora of wildlife in this park as well as an array of birds. It's a perfect place to enjoy some relaxing moments as there are three fish ponds on site.

Hike the Rail Trails

Different segments of Ontario rail-trails pass through Brant County following the Northern Railway and Old Lake Erie Railway lines. The 18 kilometres long Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail offers plenty of entertainment. You'd get to see the beautiful views of Carolinian Forest and Grand River on this hiking trail.

The 14 kilometres long SC Johnson hiking trail also offers several stunning lookouts. You can choose these hiking trails if you love exploring the beauty of nature.

Hike Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area

Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area is the ideal option for enjoying great time with family. It's home to a Carolinian forest, sandy beach, and a large kettle lake. It's a perfect place for birdwatching as there are more than 100 species of birds in this area. It's important to know there's a $7 fee for exploring this area.

Get on the Grand River

Your visit to Brant County wouldn't be complete if you didn't explore Grand River's beauty. It's an ideal spot for those who love fishing because there are more than 80 species in this river.

Does that mean you shouldn't visit this river if you don't like fishing?

The Grand River isn't just about fishing, but it offers incredible views for nature lovers. It gives you the chance to fill your memory bank with some spectacular photographs.

Also, many locals love to go "tubing" down the river in the hot summer months to cool down, relax, and float along while enjoying the stunning scenery.

Outdoor Adventures

Brant County offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures. Camping is a fantastic activity people love enjoying in this beautiful region. There are several campgrounds in different parts of the county where you can have some fun with your family.

Similarly, you can enjoy watersports in the local parks or visit the Paris Community Pool to have some fun with the locals. Pinehurst Lake is another fantastic point where you can enjoy several outdoor activities like camping, boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking.

Day Trips & Tours

You may also take advantage of day trips & tours to explore the beauty of Brant County from a different perspective. Foodie Walking Tours, Heritage Walking Tours, and Heritage Cemetry Tours are some fantastic options for walking tours.

However, when you're driving on the roads, you can choose Heritage Cemetery Driving Tour, St. George Barn Quilt Trail, Brant Barn Quilt Trails, and Cobblestone Capital Tour. If you're planning to go on a family Day trip, you may choose to visit Lions Park Paris and Twin Valley Zoo.

Brant County Things To Do - Conclusion

Brant County offers lots of amazing opportunities for tourists. Whether you love hiking, camping, fishing, birdwatching, or boating, this tourist destination has something for everyone. We bet you won't get bored during your visit to Brant County because you can enjoy several exciting activities here.

If you have any questions about the area, don't hesitate to reach out to us here at The Munir Group in Brant County. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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